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Fun Hellenic Ritual Wear

Hey everyone! I just thought I’d share my ideas for ritual wear. These are for everyone, not just one gender, of course. I hope you like them! Laurel Wreaths DIY Laurel Wreath Video  ($1) Laurel Wreath Headband on Wish.com ($18) Laurel Wreath Headband on etsy.com DIY Green Laurel Wreath With Real Laurel Chiton, etc. DIY… Continue reading Fun Hellenic Ritual Wear

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Ancient Greek Offering Ritual

This ritual is based on what Walter Burkert suggests was the ancient method in his book, “Greek Religion” for an ouranic sacrifice. I’ve made it fireless/almost fireless due to my circumstances, bit I’d like it noted that fire was traditionally used. I’m writing this down because it’s the ritual I use in my practice and… Continue reading Ancient Greek Offering Ritual

Book Club: The Iliad

Discussion Questions for the Iliad {Week One}

Do you feel that dishonouring someone close to a certain god (ex: Chryses and Apollon) can lead to dishonouring the god(s) involved? Apollon is angry as he shoots arrows bearing a plague at the Greek warriors. Do you feel the Theoi can be angry for us? How do you view the gods’ relationship with humans?… Continue reading Discussion Questions for the Iliad {Week One}