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Hellenic Polytheist Book Club

I’ve begun a bookclub over on tumblr, and am moving it here! If you’re interested in reading the Iliad with us over a 24 week period, then follow this schedule and respond to the discussion questions when you have the time. 🙂


  • Week One: Oct. 15th – 22nd
  • Week Two: Oct. 22nd – 29th
  • Week Three: Oct. 29th – Nov. 5th
  • Week Four: Nov. 5th – 12th
  • Week Five: Nov. 12th – 19th
  • Week Six: Nov. 19th – 26th
  • Week Seven: Nov. 26th – Dec. 3rd
  • Week Eight: Dec. 3rd – 10th
  • Week Nine: Dec. 10th – 17th
  • Week Ten: Dec. 17th – 24th
  • Week Eleven: Dec. 24th – 31st
  • Week Twelve: Jan. 7th – 14th
  • Week Thirteen: Jan. 14th – 21st
  • Week Fourteen: Jan. 21st – 28th
  • Week Fifteen: Jan. 28th – Feb. 4th
  • Week Sixteen:Feb. 4th – 11th
  • Week Seventeen: Feb. 11th – 18th
  • Week Eighteen: Feb. 18th – 25th
  • Week Nineteen: Feb. 25th – March 4th
  • Week Twenty: March 4th – 11th
  • Week Twenty-One:March 11th – 18th
  • Week Twenty-Two: March 18th – 25th
  • Week Twenty-Three: March 25th – April 1st
  • Week Twenty-Four: April 1st – April 8th



Online Copies Available:

Free Audio Books of the Iliad:


Places to buy The Iliad online:


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