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How to Make Khernips/Lustral Water

Khernips, or Lustral Water, is a mixture used in Hellenic Polytheism to ritually wash away miasma. It is not hard to make, and is an incredibly rewarding addition to any ritual.

To make it you’ll need a few things on hand:

  • Fresh water (I use tap water, but if you can manage spring water is even better)
  • Sea Water (if you don’t have this, you can use a sea salt and water mixture)
  • Dried herbs (I sometimes don’t have access to herbs, and just use a lit match)
  • A lighter/match
  • Bowl
  • Towel

So to make it, you mix together your fresh water and sea water, and then you light your herbs and drop them in. Some people use incense opposed to matches or herbs as well.

When throwing in the lit item, one can utter ‘Xerniptosai’ (pronounced ‘zer-nip-TOS-aye-ee’) which translates as ‘Be purified’.“ Source: Baring the Aegis

After you’ve finished preparing it, you can choose to ask one of the Theoi to bless it, especially a water/sea related Theos. Then you wash your hands in face with it, and dry off.


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