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Nekromanteion Ritual

This is a ritual based off of the historical accounts and known facts about the Nekromanteion practices. It is not the end all be all, rather a suggested route to go about doing it. Going in with another, more experienced person is recommended, because you will need someone to constantly be chanting and invoking the dead if possible, but also because it’s good to have a backup in case something goes wrong. Here are the steps I have created in the efforts of helping you and myself.
What you’ll need:
♠ Three bloodless offerings
♠ A black sheep image
♠ Broad beans, pork, barley bread, or oysters to eat
♠ Khernips
♠ Prayers
♠ Invocations to the Dead

Step one:
Cleanse yourself of miasma and pray to the gods. Ask for guidance and protection, and a blessing over you so that you may hear the voices of the dead and understand what they say. Pray to whomever you desire, some ideas include Zeus for protection, Haides for a clear view into the realm of the dead, and Okeanos for cleansing.

Step Two:
Go into a pitch black room and eat the food of the dead. It is often recommended to eat things like pork, broad beans, oysters, and barley bread. (1)

Step Three:
Stay in a dark room and begin to meditate. Think about what you want to learn from the dead, and specifically how you will be getting the information.

Step Four:
Enter the place you will be conducting the ritual. Offer the sheep figure, and recite a hymn to Haides and Persephone.

Step Five:
If you’re not with another person who will be reciting invocations to the dead, then turn on a recording of such chants. Have them recite a few and then make your first offering. Ask Haides to bring you closer to the dead, and visualize yourself passing through a gate. You have crossed the first gate of Haides. Repeats this process with the three gates, giving your biggest offering last.

Step Six:
Await the dead, listen for their voices, and watch for any movement. Allow yourself to hear them, whether physically or within your mind. Remember all you hear and close down the ritual. Command all of the dead to leave for now, and thank them for their time. Do this even if you do nor hear anything.

Step Seven:
For three days, focus on purifying yourself. If possible, visit sacred places such as oceans or springs. Cleanse yourself with khernips and send up prayers to the gods each day for cleansing.

1: http://www.newsfinder.org/site/more/the_nekromanteio_at_acheron/


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