Book Club: The Iliad · hellenic polytheism · Hellenismos

I’m Back!

My family got extremely close to finding my tumblr blog, so I made a new one. However, I feel like I need to focus my efforts here, with some peace of mind that the people on tumblr who send me hate cannot do so here.

So, welcome to Temples Wreathed in Laurel! This is where my hymns will go from now on, as well as resources etc. I hope you will find this to be a fun and enjoyable place to be! 🙂

I realize that I left some of you all hanging with the Iliad book club thing. I am going to complete the book while making the question and post them as I go without a schedule! Sorry about that, but I really have to focus on some other stuff as well. However, I promise to get it all done asap! I appreciate your interest in all of this, and really love to make each one of you happy.

That’s it for now! Have fun friends!!


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