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Fun Hellenic Ritual Wear

Hey everyone! I just thought I’d share my ideas for ritual wear. These are for everyone, not just one gender, of course. I hope you like them! Laurel Wreaths DIY Laurel Wreath Video  ($1) Laurel Wreath Headband on Wish.com ($18) Laurel Wreath Headband on etsy.com DIY Green Laurel Wreath With Real Laurel Chiton, etc. DIY… Continue reading Fun Hellenic Ritual Wear

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I’m Back!

My family got extremely close to finding my tumblr blog, so I made a new one. However, I feel like I need to focus my efforts here, with some peace of mind that the people on tumblr who send me hate cannot do so here. So, welcome to Temples Wreathed in Laurel! This is where… Continue reading I’m Back!